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personal training

The gyms are open and you really want to get rid of the corona stuff and you don't now how? Have mercy we will help you to become a powerful human again.

Become strong, lean, muscular, attractive, insane, sexy, mobile, flexy, energetic and focused. Show your you to your colleagues, partners, neighbours, stakeholders and other competitive breeds.

We'll take care of your nutrition, strength & conditioning and the most important thing.... your goals!


Drop by, don't be scared, and fancy a free intake and a lesson.



 1 lesson of 1 - 1.5 hour     €   55,-

 10 lessons                     € 475,-

These sessions includes

information on nutrition, periodic measurements and the continuously supervision of your personal trainer (that's me).



Personal training with all the indulgences as above but including our digital personal trainer app. You will train with a personal trainer once or twice a week and do additional  training's at the gym by your selfs with the help of our personal trainer app, just to build your self confidence in creating strength & conditioning.

The added damage is 50,00 and onwards depending on your demand and plan.

We are specialized in the following areas;

  • strength-, conditional and functional training

  • weight loss

  • nutrition

  • techniques in the big lifts

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